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Building a power quality monitoring & control system

In a past webinar about power quality monitoring system, we have explained how electrical power is an important raw material for all commercial operations and, like any other raw material, the quality of supply is very important. Continuous monitoring of the power supply and condition monitoring of a critical facility is an integral part of any proactive management program. It provides a historic record of power quality allowing identification of trends – such as an increase in the number or severity of sags, transients, defects of power electronic components (IGBT of UPS systems), non-symmetrical currents (that may interrupt and damages data systems) or the growth in harmonics – that can be used to schedule preventive and maintenance. The objective of a complete power and energy monitoring strategy is to improve availability or uptime of the critical facility and reducing the operational costs of a critical facility.
Power Monitoring combined with powerful Web based software tools (non disclosure monitoring) can establish the baseline conditions of the power system and provide the basis for short and long term comparison. This allows the use of predictive maintenance to warn of incipient faults before failure of the distribution system occurs and provides the information needed in the quest for zero downtime.

Monitoring power transformers

On line diagnostic monitoring for large power transformers

In industrial plants, power transformers are expensive components of high strategic importance. Unavailability due to faults generally results in high costs, both in relation to repair work and in terms of lost production.

Efficient diagnostic monitoring capable of highlighting incipient faults and therefore able to reduce the fault rate and downtime of the transformer within considered physiological limits are generally of extreme...


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