Evaluating Environmental Performance in Low-Carbon Energy Systems [E-BOOK]

Case 6 - Building new houses (1 million Euros financing different energy efficiency levels)

In case studies 3-4 the environmental benefits of a Low-Energy House (LEH) were compared to a Passive House (PH) both equipped with the best available technology to suit the house type.

In this case study, the environmental comparison was complemented with an economic assessment of the decision alternatives. This case study can be thought of as a cost-benefit analysis of building a new house with different environmental and economic costs and benefits.

Basically, the study aims at analysing the sustainability one can buy investing 1 million Euros in different concepts. Three alternatives for improvement are considered, using a Standard house as the baseline (see definition in the Glossary and parameter settings in the Appendix). The LEH with gas condensing heater represents one option, the PH with heat pump another, while the PH with night storage heater a third one.

The environmental benefits of the first two options have been discussed before on Case Study 3 and will only be referred to here. The storage heater benefits have been discussed in the context of a LEH in Case Study 4, and so this scenario is expected to show improvement compared to that one. The night storage heater (NSH) scenario will also be investigated using the future grid mix of 2030 with a night tariff system in place.

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