Homes project for buildings: save 20 per cent of electricity by controlling its uses

The following article is the result of a discussion with Claude Ricaud and provides an overview of Homes project. The article is published as an eBook so you can scroll the different pages using the titles bellow.



A short biography of Claude Ricaud :

Claude Ricaud is currently Innovation Director of the Power Business Unit at Schneider Electric. He is a Telecommunications Engineer having graduated from the Ecole Normale Supérieure with a degree in mathematics in 1974. He started his career with France Telecom. In 1986 he joined the Matra Group (now EADS) where he worked in the Space division. He moved to Schneider Electric in 1998 as Scientific and Technical Director. He also chairs the Schneider Electric Ventures investment fund. Ricaud sits on the Board of Directors of the Supelec Foundation and the Scientific Boards of both Supelec, the leading French higher-education body for electrical engineering and computer science and INRIA, the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control. Ricaud has initiated and endorsed the Homes Project.



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In fact all those measures and controls shall be taken, together with keeping a proper level of climate in the building - temperature, humidity, lighting, pressure. I am wondering how technology will respond on all that. F.e. we check the humidity in certain room, but there is difference from desk to desk. Or temperature is different in different height levels in the room. Of course, we can solve some of those with air supply and mixing. I am wondering whether the big technologist are thinking on certain line sensors, instead of single point ones. Something, that can change colors, depending on a humidity or temperature level.

Those would be good source for energysaving.

By valentin.boyanovuae 21/05/2014
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